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Begin Rant: Hung is good, m’kay?

I agree with this so much I’m just going to reblog it.   http://beginrant.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/begin-rant-hung-is-good-mkay/


Thinky: On the Ethics of a “Nanny State”

It’s fair to say that my politics are not those of The IPA, but I do quite enjoy reading Chris Berg – he’s rather amusing on twitter and he’s written some cracking articles on videogame...


Whither the progressive voter?

This is a great summary of the election issues facing the “progressive” voter this year.   http://ausopinion.com/2013/05/20/whither-the-progressive-voter/


The Great Breastscreen Unhinging

So, it seems that Breastscreen Queensland is on its way out as part of the Queensland LNP’s hospital reform agenda. Twitter was not impressed. I posted a couple of messages into the #breastscreen tag...