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Professor Timestamp and the doctor

Before starting here, read this excellent article about NBN “analysis” from Renai LeMai over at Delimiter. I’d had a bit of a row about this article with sortius (twitter) yesterday.  The article itself was...


Antibiotic Resistance on ANZAC Day

There’s not much that will stop me from banging on about antimicrobial resistance.  Preventing it is my job – and my passion – I’m lucky enough to have landed a job doing something that...


Telehealth Gloves are Off Again

Hat tip to Geordie Guy for alerting me to Nick Ross’ latest foray into Telehealth.  I hadn’t heard it myself, of course, because Nick has blocked me on Twitter following my last rant.  In...


Nick Ross does it again

See my previous posts on this subject here, here and here. First, my standard disclaimer:  I am in favour of the NBN and rather despair that Malcolm Turnbull – who really should know better continues...


Follicular Flood Furphies

Brisbane is flooded again, although thankfully not as badly as in 2011.  It is always worth a shout-out to the awesome work our emergency services to – particularly the volunteers in the State Emergency...


Superbug series on The Conversation

Here’s the article I recently had published at The Conversation It’s part of their series on “superbugs and antibiotics” – here is the link for the full series.  The articles are all worth a...


The Vaccine Wars

Given the flurry of media activity, I’m sure you’re all well aware that vaccination a hot topic at the moment. It started with a booklet (pdf) released by the Australian Academy of Science addressing...


Cairns Eclipse 2012

Taken from our back deck with a Canon EOS 50D; Shrunk to 1920×1280 using GIMP Feel free to share – under  Creative Commons-Attribution-Share-Alike-3.0 Australia licence