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3rd Qld Antimicrobial Resistance Forum

I’ve spent yesterday in Brisbane at this year’s Antimicrobial Resistance Forum.  As with last year, it was a joint project of the Queensland Statewide stewardship team, UQ IMB‘s Centre for Superbug Solutions and the Queensland Health Communicable Diseases...


Superbugs – No more!

(RBWH Head of Antimicrobial Stewardship and A/Director, Statewide Stewardship Network Dr Krispin Hajkowicz, photo from this tweet by Queensland Health Media team)   I flew to Brisbane yesterday (and back, very happy the kids...


On Impossibility:

An Open Letter – from the anonymous SMO to the Premier  of Queensland and the Minister for Health These words are not mine – but the opinions in them are common to many of...


Cairns Eclipse 2012

Taken from our back deck with a Canon EOS 50D; Shrunk to 1920×1280 using GIMP Feel free to share – under  Creative Commons-Attribution-Share-Alike-3.0 Australia licence


The Great Breastscreen Unhinging

So, it seems that Breastscreen Queensland is on its way out as part of the Queensland LNP’s hospital reform agenda. Twitter was not impressed. I posted a couple of messages into the #breastscreen tag...