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It’s not cancer

  It was interesting to see that Antimicrobial Stewardship made it to the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (hat-tip to Krispin Hajkowicz – twitter –  for letting me know it was actually...


On Impossibility:

An Open Letter – from the anonymous SMO to the Premier  of Queensland and the Minister for Health These words are not mine – but the opinions in them are common to many of...


Begin Rant: Hung is good, m’kay?

I agree with this so much I’m just going to reblog it.


Thinky: On the Ethics of a “Nanny State”

It’s fair to say that my politics are not those of The IPA, but I do quite enjoy reading Chris Berg – he’s rather amusing on twitter and he’s written some cracking articles on videogame...


Whither the progressive voter?

This is a great summary of the election issues facing the “progressive” voter this year.


The Great Breastscreen Unhinging

So, it seems that Breastscreen Queensland is on its way out as part of the Queensland LNP’s hospital reform agenda. Twitter was not impressed. I posted a couple of messages into the #breastscreen tag...